Saturday, December 02, 2006

FO revisited: My First Adult Hat

For the last several days, My Old Man's older son, C, has been visiting us from England, where he is working on a PhD at Exeter in Social Psychology. We have all had a great time with him.

This time last year, I made my very first adult hat, a simple roll brim stockinette cap (from LMKG), as a Christmas present for C. Last year, I failed to get a pic of him in it. So, here it is:

(I made him do that J. Crew pose).

The boys have especially enjoyed having C here.
It is great fun to watch the three of them play together.
Plus, he thoroughly wears them out.


Rachel said...

Ah, someone who wears out your children. I'm guessing there is hardly a characteristic you value more in a houseguest.

The hat looks great, and it must be very satisfying to see him still happily wearing it a year later.

ae said...

nice hat! he must really like it. it seems to suit him very well. and how great that he entertains and tires out your boys.

Meredith said...

Nice hat! And I like the last picture--very cute. :)