Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hopping on the Ballbandwagon

Ubiquity, thy name is Warshrag. You've seen them everywhere else. Now you're seeing them here.

With a list of to-knits a mile long, I found myself grabbing cotton from my stash on my way to the airport. For some reason, these Ballband Warshrags (from Mason-Dixon Knitting and the Peaches and Cream ballband) suddenly called my name.

It has been a year since I've made any dishcloths, and much longer than that since I've made any for my own kitchen. But I've been wanting to make these particular ones for awhile. And since I went through a minor reorganization and decluttering of the kitchen last week, it seemed like the perfect time for a new little bit of brightness. Not to mention that I really needed a mindless knit for the trip. The only time I had to knit was in flight - but that was all I needed to knock these babies out.

pattern: Ballband Warshrag from Mason-Dixon Knitting
Bernat Cottontots in cream and baby blue, Manos Cotton Stria in deep red
needles: size 7 KP Options
start: February 4
finish: February 6
verdict: haven't used them yet but already totally love them - though I'm pretty sure that cream will be pink after I put them in the wash. That red is just too rich and deep not to bleed.

Little Buddha likes them too.
(you wouldn't believe how many pictures we took of him posing with the warshrags, which he really does seem fascinated with.)

edited to add: there's another cool contest this week happening here


Maria said...

I've made a bunch of these too, but I'm sad to say I haven't found them very useful. They aren't very absorbent. Maybe I'm unaware of some absorbency-enhancing technique?

dickie said...

wow! those are really cool looking. i've never used cotton before... and i've only knitted scarves and hats. a cotton dishrag looks like a really great next project.

they look complex... were they hard to do? aside from stripes and varigated yarn i've never really done any color work.

Rachel said...

Those look wonderful in your kitchen! So clean and bright. It's almost a shame to use them. I think you should set them carefully aside while doing the dishes to keep them out of harm's way, and then move them back in place after everything is tidy and dry again. :)

Knitting-Nelly said...

Those are so pretty! I really love that pattern (the Mason-Dixon book has been on my wish list for a while now).

Cute photo of Little Buddha!

staceyk said...

Don't they look pretty! I have whipped out 3 of these just this week! And I have found them very useful. I used just the cheap old kitchen cotton. At about a $1 a ball, I can get at least 2 from 2 balls. The last 3 I made, I reduced the cast on stitches to 33 to make a smaller dishcloth. Baby Boy had claimed one for his own at bathtime! He loves the bright colors that I have been using!

schrodinger said...

Like Amber, that book has been on my wish list for a while too. And everytime I see those dishcloths I want it more. They look great, I'd love to know their practicality level.

Meredith said...

Cute! I like the idea of just using them for decor--they're too pretty to get dirty!

mames said...

i have to make those...they are spectacularly glamorous for their mundane purpose. what a sweetie you have, those curls.