Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Just in time for spring

I'm always a little behind with jumping on bandwagons. So right before the temperature shot up to 70, I made a Calorimetry. I'm sure I'll still get to use it though - this is Michigan, after all. Chances are, we'll get another good snow right around Easter.

pattern: Calorimetry
yarn: Malabrigo, Azul Profundo, a minimal amount
needles: KP Options, size 8
notions: a plain little black button
started: March 8
finished: March 9 (this is really a one-night knit, but I started too late at night to do much more than cast on and knit a few rows)
modifications: everyone talks about how ginormous this knit is if done to pattern specifications, so I followed the lead of others and only CO 80. It fits all right, but with my gigantic head I probably should've done something more like 88, for a little more ear coverage.
verdict: cute, functional, quick, easy, I like it. It doesn't particularly match the scarf I made it to go with (my scrunchable, in the same colorway), but that's all right. It's also a very different look for me, especially with my most recent haircut:

the hair really pops out of the top there and looks a little funky
but sometimes, funky is good
Overall, this knit made me really happy. And it was the perfect second diversion (after the clogs) to get me psyched up for my second run at the Tomten, which is now well underway.


schrodinger said...

LOL, just in time for spring indeed. It looks great though, I think you pull it off well.

Songbird said...

I love it! I'll have to make one to go around my curly head, too.

Meredith said...

Super cute, and I love the haircut!

Megan said...

You look like Nia cant-remember-her-last-name in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", the after not the before!

Rachel said...

It looks WONDERFUL, particularly with your haircut! It couldn't be a better color for you, either. You do such great things with your Malabrigo!

Sharon said...

gorgeous! that color looks awesome on you.

Girl, I'm working on a hat and yesterday it was in the 70's. I understand your pain.

Knitting-Nelly said...

Pretty! That color looks great on you.

Love the haircut -- your hair always looks absolutley beautiful!!

lauren said...

Mmmmm....that looks like Oceanos! And you're so pretty :-)

Alisha said...

I love those and so need to get on the bandwagon. Probably in time for next winter lol

Great job!!!

Sean said...

i am really getting tempted to make one of these things for my own curly head.... totally adorable and i love the color on you!!!

dickie said...

wow, i think i want to knit that. it looks really great on you.

more projects for my malabrigo. =)

i'll just have to find a worthy recipient.