Thursday, March 23, 2006

Blogger Photo Problems. Again.

Okay, so I have some pics to show of my sweet little knitted eggs but blogger won't upload them. Argh. I hope it'll work later today.

Suffice it to say that I am freakin' obsessed with this little egg pattern and see a lot more of these in my future....

Edited to add: (Thanks, Becky) - they actually are already on flickr; I just really like to have pics all over my blog. Until I can add them here, check them out here.


schrodinger said...

Jeez, sorry blogger has been such a pain in the proverbial, won't get to see the eggs, but at least I got to see the Mano... yummmy!

Becky said...

*sings* Flickr is your friend... :D

Egg? You're knitting eggs? I want to see this!

earthchick said...

Actually, I do have them on flickr - I just really like to have photos on my blog as well.

Check them out here: