Sunday, June 03, 2007

How to Have a Happy Birthday - Lessons I've Learned from two 3 year-olds

1. Greet the day by announcing, "Party time!" and "Where's my cake?"

2. Eat early and often

3. Let people celebrate you

4. Keep your eyes on your cake (serious focus required here).
If necessary, stake your claim by sticking your hand in the frosting first.

5. Act appropriately thrilled when opening gifts.

6. Party yourself under the table.

7. Say lots of thank-yous.

Thank you for all the kind wishes for my two little boys. It was a great day for them, and for me (though my old body is still recovering from the chaos of celebrating). I read the boys' birthday post* to them, and when I was done, Little Buddha finished it off by saying, "And they lived happily ever after." I hope so!

*[In that post, written in the early morning hours without enough java, I failed to say where I got the poem "Little Boys of Three." A 91 year-old saint in my church mailed it to me last week, with a note saying she had found it while cleaning out her things. She didn't know who had written it (I did a Google search and think it may be by a poet from the 1930s/40s named Monty Blandford), but she had held onto it since her own boys were three, and after all these decades passed it on to me.]


Kristen said...

These two guys are incredibly handsome! I can't believe they're only three. Wow.

Gad said...

Happy birthday, Earthchick! :-)