Saturday, May 13, 2006

More Picky Pants

Here are Little Buddha's Picky Pants, in Manos Flame (love, love, love this colorway). I was thrilled with how they turned out, and they look so darn cute on him. I'll try to get a pic of them on him sometime soon.

This morning I led my second Contemplative Knitting workshop at church. My friend yakmidi recorded it for us to do a podcast. Woohoo - I'm psyched. Will post the cast here once it's edited and ready.

My Bernat Cotton Tots arrived two days ago and I am happily working away at Baby J's layette (due date: July 20, so I'm feeling unusually on top of things). So far I've done one Child's Cotton Hat from Last Minuted Knitted Gifts, in cream (did the i-cord in cream, it was too short so I did it again, and it was too short again; I've decided it will be really cute in baby blue - and this time I'm going to measure before I bind off). Last night, I started the Child's Placket-Neck Sweater, in baby blue. I've got about 3 inches done, maybe more (what do I know, since I am so bad about measuring - i.e., I either don't do it or I do it inaccurately). The cotton is soft and I think the layette is going to be very sweet. (Note to self: just because you like making wee knits does not mean you need another baby.)

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knitsteel said...

The pants are cute.

I'd like to know more about the contemplative knitting that you offer at the church.

How is your husband doing? I know it can be very difficult when one partner is ill.